We have a new rumor about a possible future Apple foldable. And it’s not the one we’ve been covering. According to a report by the Elec Cupertino has started the development of a 20 inch display, which most likely is targeted for the future MacBook Pros. I know that sounds like a lot for a MacBook but just bear with me.

Apple is working on a foldable MacBook!

This 20 inch device will feature a 20.25 inch OLED display that will be developed by an unknown South Korean component developer. To give you guys a better idea of how it’ll look the report gives us a couple of measurements. When unfolded the device will be big 20.25 inches, but then when folded it’s 15.3 inches which is larger than the current iPad Pro but smaller than the 16 inch MacBook Pro.

The report also claims that Cupertino is planning a mainstream commercial launch of its foldable devices in 2026 or 2027. But first the company will transition the iPad and Mac to OLED displays. And we’re far from that because only the high-end iPhones and all Apple Watch models feature those kinds of displays.

According to the report Apple is very unlikely going to release a foldable iPhone.