For as long as Apple can remember, Samsung has been its primary OLED panel supplier. It manufactures OLED displays for high-end iPhones as well as select models of Apple Watch. According to recent reports, the two companies are currently collaborating on the development of OLED displays for next models of the iPad and MacBook.

Samsung and Apple are working on the OLED panels for the iPad Pro and the MacBook Pro

According to a story that was published by ET News in South Korea, Apple and Samsung Display have begun working on the production of OLED panels for the next devices such as the iPad Pro and the MacBook Pro that are scheduled to be released in 2024 (or later). The iPad Pro with an OLED display might be released as early as the next year. It might come in two different screen sizes, 11.1 inches and 13 inches, making it slightly larger than the existing iPad versions.

It’s possible that Apple will release the first MacBook (presumably a MacBook Air) with an OLED screen in 2023, and it will have a 13-inch display. It is possible that Apple will release the MacBook Pro with an OLED screen in the year 2026. The screen size may be either 14 or 16 inches.

According to reports, Apple has requested Samsung Display to create OLED panels featuring a two-stack tandem design. This organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels, in contrast to the single-stack design that Samsung currently manufactures, contain two light emission layers. According to reports, this results in twice as much brightness as before and four times as much longevity.

Apple may decide to use MicroLED displays for the next iteration of the Apple Watch Ultra as well as for future iPhones. The development of MicroLED displays for future Apple Watches has already begun at Samsung, but whether or not the business is given the contract remains to be seen.