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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – Colors, Displays, Cameras


About the Galaxy S23 series, almost everything has been revealed. In the first place, Evan Blass has uncovered pictures revealing the main color for each device. It’s obvious that once the pre-order pages are live, these will direct them there.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra particularly likes the hue Botanic Green. Cotton Flower is favored by the Galaxy S23, while Misty Lilac is favored by its bigger brother, the Galaxy S23+. As far as we can tell, all three versions will be available in the same four colorways (the fourth being the normal Phantom Black). These four are reserved for carriers and retailers, but Samsung.com frequently offers special hues.

Displays on all three Galaxy S23 variants will have a maximum brightness of 1,750 nits, which brings us to the next hardware-related point. For comparison, the departing Galaxy S22 Ultra and S22+ can reach 1,750 nits, while the smaller S22 can only reach 1,300 nits.

Here is a rundown of the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera components. As has long been known, the 108MP HM3 will be replaced in the main module by the 200MP ISOCELL HP2. However, while the 3x and 10x telephoto modules will stay utilizing the same sensors as previously, the ultra-wide will be switching from Sony IMX563 to IMX564. You may already be aware that the GH1 sensor is being replaced by an ISOCELL 3LU (12MP) in the front-facing camera (probably in the S23 and S23+ as well).




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