Top 5 iOS 16 features that you should definitely know!

Top 5 iPhone 14 Features For Everyone

To jump to the first folder in an album in the Photos app or to the top in a website Safari just tap on the top edge of your iPhone screen.

To hide notifications for a specific app. Just go to setting notifications, select App Show previews and then select “Never” option.

If you forgot the Wi-Fi password for the network you ever connected to just go to the settings Wi-Fi, tap on the eye button next to the Wi-Fi network, and then tap on Password. Use Face ID or Touch ID and there you go.

If you want to pin individual or group chat at the top of messages, just press and hold the chat and select pen. It makes it much easier to find the people you talk to the most.

Go to settings general keyboard text replacement, then tap on the plus sign at the top right, now enter the phrase into the phrases fee and type the text shortcut you want to use for it in the shortcut key and hit save. Now whenever you type the text replacement, the phrase will automatically be added to the app you’re typing in.